Hi, I'm David Geier,

and I am currently the Pittsburgh Penguins New Media Design Coordinator & In-House Photographer.

I am a inventor with a patent. I run tough mudders, brew beer, and enjoy long (or short) walks on the beach.

Within the Pittsburgh Penguins organization I perform various roles including, being the organization's photographer. I design all of the social media and web graphics as well as various other items including print. Specifically, I conceptualized, designed, and executed the Game Day Graphics, In Game Scoring Graphics, Infographics, and Birthday Graphics. Aside from being the main graphic designer for the Penguin's social media and the photographer. I have shot a wide variety of events with the Penguins ranging from the 2016 Stanley Cup Presentation to Penguins games. I also shoot and edit video for the official Penguins social platforms.

 I am a competitive person whose attitude syncs perfectly within the extremely competitive graphic design industry. My meticulous work ethic allows me to acquire skills at an above-average rate which fuels my drive to always become better. To keep my skills sharp, I also work on various side projects including a website design for  TowermetriX.com and MarshallLineFence.com, and various app designs as seen below.

Previously, I worked at the Pittsburgh Steelers where I designed social and print graphics in addition to performing a multitude of video related duties. In Game Scoring Graphics, Infographics, and Birthday Graphics were under my direction from conception to launch. While Instagram was under my control for 8 months, it was named as the top team that was leading in Instagram engagement, see here http://www.sporttechie.com


(724) 787–4302



Irwin, PA